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How Innovative Scissor Lift Platforms Promote Sustainability

One of the LLM scissor lift tables in blue and orange

Within the heavy industries, employee safety is of the utmost importance. Prioritising staff safety not only benefits the employees but also promotes sustainability within the business. Jobs that come with a high risk of injury can lead to absence if not properly managed. In heavy lifting jobs such as warehouses and freight container sites, it is essential for businesses to supply machinery and equipment designed to facilitate tasks. Thanks to an innovative range of scissor lift platforms from LLM Handling, the heavy loads industries are now supplied with reliable equipment uniquely designed to ease all lifting and loading.

What Are Scissor Lift Platforms?

Scissor lift tables, also known as scissor lift platforms are steel shelves that can be mechanically raised via scissor-like apparatus. These compound pieces of equipment provide a vital solution to lifting and transferring materials that are extremely heavy to high, out of reach places. Essentially, the scissor lift platform eliminates the need for the workforce to carry out heavy lifting. In doing so this removes the risk of serious injury.

One of LLM Handling's light duty scissor lift platforms in yellow and black.

LLM Handling

LLM Handling is the leading supplier of innovative handling solutions in the UK. All equipment provided by this elite business is dedicated to the assisting of lifting and transferring for large and heavy goods. The team behind this industrial e-commerce store, have years of experience in the heavy loads industries which has attributed them to handpick only premium products. All products purchased from LLM Handling inevitably become invaluable to the businesses purchasing them. The comprehensive range sold by this prestigious company includes:

  • Mobile Scissor Lift Tables
  • Pallet Trucks Manual & Electric
  • Pallet Stackers Manual and Electric
  • Static Scissor Lift Tables Manual and Electric

Scissor Lift Platforms from LLM Handling

LLM Handling offers a comprehensive range of hydraulic scissor lift tables that includes both manual and electric aids. One of the benefits of shopping at LLM is the variety of size and maximum weight options available. Naturally, every customer will have different requirements for each of these attributes. Options include:

  • Single Scissor Lift Tables
  • Double Scissor Lift Tables
  • Triple Scissor Lift Tables
  • Light Duty Scissor Lift Tables offering capacities up to £150kg
  • Heavy Duty Range offering capacities up to 1250kg
  • Economy Range offering manual lifting between 200kb and 800kg

One of the bespoke scissor lift platforms from LLM with a round blue platform.

Bespoke Scissor Lift Platforms

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the LLM Handling range of scissor lift platforms is the option for bespoke designs and customisations. Examples of these are table skirts and roller tops. When it comes to forward planning for a sustainable business, investing in high-end, quality lifting products is key.