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Category: Innovative Technology

The World’s Top Most Sustainable Businesses According to Forbes

Two hands shaking over a desk at a meeting about sustainable business.

Scotland has had the ultimate summer this year with soaring temperatures and a record streak of dry days. While most people are celebrating this apparent victory, those who are tuned in to the dire state of the environment are filled with dread as global warming looms victorious. Scotland isn’t the only country experiencing record-breaking high temperatures, as all over the world things are heating up a little too much. On top of the environmental crisis, there is the ongoing financial struggles and the rising awareness of diversity issues. With all of this in mind, many people are determined to know…

How Innovative Scissor Lift Platforms Promote Sustainability

One of the LLM scissor lift tables in blue and orange

Within the heavy industries, employee safety is of the utmost importance. Prioritising staff safety not only benefits the employees but also promotes sustainability within the business. Jobs that come with a high risk of injury can lead to absence if not properly managed. In heavy lifting jobs such as warehouses and freight container sites, it is essential for businesses to supply machinery and equipment designed to facilitate tasks. Thanks to an innovative range of scissor lift platforms from LLM Handling, the heavy loads industries are now supplied with reliable equipment uniquely designed to ease all lifting and loading. What Are…

A Closer Look at How AI is taking over the World of Business

Woman in white coat sits at desk opposite a prototype AI robot that has the physical structure similar to a human

For a lot of people AI being part of everyday life is simply part of science fiction but in reality, businesses have already begun using AI more so than ever before. Getting information about the restaurant you are looking for or using Siri means we are already in a world where businesses are advertising, selling and surviving through artificial intelligence. Advertising is becoming more than just Instagram with tons of companies now using Siri and Alexa to advertise their services. You are already unlocking your phone with your face and depending on chatbots to speak to you for appointments. Google…