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The World’s Top Most Sustainable Businesses According to Forbes

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Scotland has had the ultimate summer this year with soaring temperatures and a record streak of dry days. While most people are celebrating this apparent victory, those who are tuned in to the dire state of the environment are filled with dread as global warming looms victorious. Scotland isn’t the only country experiencing record-breaking high temperatures, as all over the world things are heating up a little too much. On top of the environmental crisis, there is the ongoing financial struggles and the rising awareness of diversity issues. With all of this in mind, many people are determined to know which are the top most sustainable businesses in terms of managing resources, finances and employees.

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Cisco, USA, Information Technology

As surprising as it may be, an American company takes third place. Cisco is a networking technology businesses that have a very impressive diversity score. 38% of the senior executives are women compared with the average of 21% for others.

Storebrand ASA, Norway, Financials

The runner-up from Norway is Storebrand ASA, an insurance company with the most sustainable pay system. The executives at this Norwegian company earn only 12 times more than the average employee. Despite how it sounds, compared with the rest of the huge corporations around the world it is extremely impressive. As there are countless CEOs in other businesses making 115 times more than their employees.

Extra large solar panels in a green field with trees belonging to a sustainable business.

Siemens, Germany, Industrials is the Top Most Sustainable Business

From power plants to medical imaging machinery, this German industrial compound was named the top most sustainable business in the world in Forbes magazine. Not only is Siemens the most energy efficient firm within its sector, but also has an impressively low carbon footprint and low employee turnover. On top of that, Siemens has a project tasked with developing eco-friendly infrastructure through green heating and cooling systems.