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New Hi8 To DVD Services

hi8 to dvd

Hi8 to DVD has become a popular home-based business. It is a conversion where an old VHS tape is taken and converted into a digital file that can be transferred to a DVD. This means that the VHS tapes are no longer needed and can be sold at a profit. The change of formats has been common practice for years and has increased the convenience of this type of conversion service.

Hi8 to DVD

Hi8 To DVD Companies

There are several companies that specialize in Hi8 to DVD conversion. Some of these companies will even ship the original VHS tape directly to you for the conversion process. You do not have to come to them, you can now do it from your own home! They have a variety of VHS to DVD tapes to choose from.

VHS to DVD services also work well for businesses that want to preserve footage of old movies and may not want to part with their tapes. Perhaps they will want to re-record some of their old movies. Or they may just want to preserve the tapes and watch them later on as a memento. These people have very specific needs and their needs vary based on the business itself. It is a service that most businesses are able to afford.

Hi8 to DVD

Is DVD Still Relevant?

DVD is the leading video storage media today. It is also the cheapest choice of digital video media, because it is available at a lower price than VHS tapes. VHS tape prices are lower for several reasons. Some are related to the cost of production of the tapes itself, but others are related to the equipment that is used to record tapes, whether it is DVD Cd-i, or Dvd-r.

The quality of the disks themselves are largely dependent on the manufacturing process is also directly related to the disk format that they use. Companies that have been around for quite some time will be able to get a lower price on disks and produce higher quality disks for the discs. Companies that are new will not. The quality of the disc will not be as high, but it will still be cheaper, but that is not always the case.

The amount of film and tape that is used in the recording of the disk will also be directly related to the disk format. The size of the disk itself is also an important factor to consider. Larger disks offer better storage space, so they are less expensive. Of course the amount of space that a disk can actually hold will also depend on the storage capacity of the unit itself. The amount of tape used in the recording is directly related to the disk format.


There are many ways to save money on VHS to DVD conversions. Many companies will allow you to take the original VHS tape and convert it directly to DVD, without having to part with any tapes. This can be a very good option for some companies who don’t have a lot of money. A lot of companies have large capital investments that are needed to purchase their own VHS tape equipment and to make the VHS tapes themselves.

If you own a VHS machine that is just becoming outdated, VHS to DVD conversion might be a great option for you. Look online for companies that offer this service and find a company that specializes in VHS to DVD conversions. Many companies will offer different packages that include both the conversion of the original VHS tape to DVD and the manufacturing of the new DVD. You can find out more about the service by either searching for it online or speaking to a representative at the company to find out if this is a service that they can offer you.