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How Will Brexit Affect Medicine In Europe?

Brexit is a major political and social change movement that could completely change the face of Europe. One major concern is what will happen to medical companies as well as medicine supplies across Europe as a result of brexit taking effect. Furthermore the majority of UK citizens are covered by the European health insurance scheme whereby if they visit another European country they are covered for damages or injuries should they occur.

What Is Brexit?

Brexit is phrase coined by the media which stands for Britain exit. in 2017 the British public voted in favour of brexit by 51% to 48% respectively. One of the major factors influencing the result of this referendum was the rise of the party known as UKIP or the United Kingdom Independence Party. The quick rise to power of this party reflected an increase in anti -EU attitudes and were a signal for what was to come. For many people Brexit has come to mean a number of things including incompetence by their Government , uncertainty and Economic unrest.

How Might Brexit Impact The Medical Community

Brexit could have a significant impact on the medical community as a whole. One of the most significant changes that could be coming as a result of Brexit is the scrapping of the European health insurance scheme for UK residents. If this scheme is scrapped then UK citizens may have to pay for emergency healthcare abroad or take out health insurance policies at a cost rather than having free cover. This would be disastrous for holiday makers and add significantly to the costs and risks of going abroad in Europe. This could lead to the situation as there is in the US where there is not a state sponsored healthcare scheme and citizens have to pay thousands of dollars for ambulances and thousands for medical treatment. In addition to paying for treatment a different effect Brexit could have on the medical community is a shortage of different medicines within the UK. After Brexit has taken place there could be a period of time immediately after where there is reduced amounts of medicines reaching the UK. This could pose a serious risk for many around the UK.

What Other Effects Could Brexit Have?

As well as having a severe impact on the medical industry there are a number of other areas where brexit could have a significant impact. One such area is the care industry. Already several large car manufacturers across the UK have announced that they will be shutting several car plants costing many jobs These include Ford , Honda and potentially Vauxhall. This Has led to widespread discontentment and worry amongst people working in the automotive industry. his has also posed wider questions as to what may happen after Brexit has actually begun.

Overall to conclude there are a wide variety of potential outcomes that could occur in the wake of Brexit. But what is clear is that uncertainity surrounding Brexit has potentially lead to more economic damage than the process has itself.