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Careers In Economics

Job Opportunities

If you’re interested in careers in economics, there are many choices available. Careers in economics can be found in a variety of sectors, including banking and finance, insurance, and social and environmental change. While some positions require further education, others are available to economists with only a bachelor’s degree. Either way, the pay is excellent.

Education Required

A bachelor’s degree is the standard educational requirement for entry-level economics jobs. These programs typically focus on math and statistics and prepare students for advanced modelling and data analysis. Many economics courses also incorporate psychology and sociology. In some cases, students may even combine a bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree in another field to advance their knowledge in economics.

Employment Outlook

There are a number of different careers available to economics majors. Depending on your credentials, you can enter the government or pursue a career in non-profit organizations. Many governments and non-profits hire economists to perform research and analyse data. Many economics graduates also choose to pursue careers in academia. These individuals are often drawn to the field by their love of economics, and the prospect of writing or teaching.

Job Duties

Job duties in economics careers often require analytical and research skills, as well as excellent interpersonal and operational skills. Additionally, economics professionals are expected to work in a team environment to implement data-driven business strategies. For these reasons, it’s important to write an economics job description that will attract economists with the skills you need. While writing the job description, you may want to highlight company culture and values, professional development opportunities, and company awards.