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How Much Value Do Resin and Other Driveways Add to a House?

resin driveway in Glasgow

The first thing to keep in mind is that the size of a resin driveway is usually reflected in the size of the house. So, a four-bedroom detached house is likely to have room for two cars. Generally, bigger resin driveways in Glasgow cost more than one car but add a few percent to the overall value of the home. A resin driveway with room for two cars is likely to increase the value of the home by 10%.

resin driveway in Glasgow

Cobblestone or Brick Driveways Add Value To a House

Brick or cobblestone driveways are both durable and appealing to the eye. They add value to a house and are more attractive than concrete or asphalt. However, cobblestone is a bit more expensive. If your budget does not permit this extravagant choice, you can always opt for concrete pavers, resin or gravel. If you’d like a unique look without spending a lot of money, you can also consider laying an inlay of cobblestone on your driveway.

Installing a brick or cobblestone driveway is not as difficult as you might think. The installation process is similar to that of brick pavers. After setting a base layer of sand, field cobbles are laid. Then, a tamping machine is used to flatten the surface. Once all of the stones are set, joints between them are filled with loose paver sand or a cement-based liquid mortar.

cobblestone driveway Glasgow

Asphalt Driveway

In addition to a well-paved driveway, a property with an asphalt driveway often has more curb appeal than one without one. Asphalt driveways can be repaired, or completely replaced if damaged sections are removed and a fresh coat of paint applied. While resurfacing can add a significant amount of value to a house, it can also be a costly process. A freshly paved driveway can save the seller a significant amount of money in repairs.

The cost of installing asphalt is determined largely by where the new driveway will be located. A garage built behind the house might need a longer driveway, increasing the cost of installing asphalt. In addition, the cost of paving an asphalt driveway varies based on the location of the house and local costs, including fuel. Ultimately, however, it is the location that will decide the cost. To make your investment worthwhile, it is essential to match the look of the new driveway to that of the rest of the house.

Glass Driveway

Unlike a regular asphalt driveway, glass driveways are made from recycled glass. These driveways are smooth, durable, and bonded together with resin. Glass driveways increase a home’s value because of their aesthetically pleasing appearance. Even if you’re not a big fan of the appearance of glass, a paved driveway will help sell a house faster. A poorly-maintained driveway can lead to low bids and a slow selling process.

Gravel Driveway

Gravel is a cheaper, more affordable alternative. The average cost is £0.75 to £3 per square foot. But gravel requires extensive maintenance. You must rake and re-lay it every few years. And you have to constantly fight weeds. Besides looking cheap, gravel driveways will not increase a home’s value. However, recycled glass driveways can help save the planet while giving a house a beautiful new look.